Jujitsu Forearm Striking

Jujitsu Forearm Strikes

A video demonstration showing the power and effectiveness of using forearm strikes

Jujitsu Forearm Striking Video

Why should you use forearm strikes in jujitsu?

One of the problems of using your fists and many open handed sticking techniques, is the risk of breaking the bones in your hand when connecting with something hard, such as the opponents head. The forearm is a far more durable striking weapon than ANY hand strike and is excellent in a close quarters encounter either standing or on the ground and it is an excellent practical street defence technique.

If you haven’t used your forearm for striking, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It’s easy to deliver, hard to block and causes a world of pain to the victim.

Inside and Outside Forearm Strikes

The thumb side of your forearm is the inside and the little finger side the outside forearm. Both these techniques can be used to deliver effective, very painful strikes to vulnerable targets such as the head, neck, ribs and groin and knees.

Striking with the inside of the forearm is similar to throwing a roundhouse punch and striking with the outside of the forearm is a similar motion to the back fist.

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