Gun Disarming Course

Disarming a Gunman

A course that teaches disarming techniques to use on a man with a gun

If someone points a gun at you, it's probably better to comply with his requests. However, there may be times, for example when family, friends, or work colleagues are being threatened, that compliance is not an option.

5th Dan Jiu Jitsu master has taught self defence, gun and knife techniques to the military, police and the security sectors.

If you are interested in learning these gun techiques, please fill out the form on this page. The next course will run towards the end of .

The exact date will be confirmed by email closer to the time at which point you can confirm your attendance. The course will last for around 2 hours and the cost is £30 per person.

The gun course operates as part of Total Self Defence Ltd, run under the directorship of 8th Dan Jujitsu Master Sensei Steve McDade.

Gun Defence Video - Watch Sensei Ibush in Action

The course will teach

  • Taking control of the situation
  • Shifting the attacker's focus off the gun and his plan of attack
  • Redirecting the line of fire by deflecting the the gun with your hand
  • Rotating the gun and trapping fingers, hands and wrists
  • When and where to strike the gunman
  • Gaining control of the gun

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