Defence Against Knife Attacks

Defence Against Knife Attack

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Knife Facts

Do you want to be that one in three stabbing victim that dies in a knife attack?

Taking into account their range, knives are just as lethal as guns

  • Edged weapons used in assaults account for 7 in 20 deaths
  • A knife is used in 50% of all muggings on men
  • 30% of victims who are stabbed die from their wounds
  • In London, knives and weapons are being carried by more and more people
  • The most popular assault technique is the hammer strike — either straight down or diagonally
  • Many victims do not see the knife that stabbed them
  • Knife attacks were found to be exceptionally accurate

'Benefits' of using a knife

  • Never runs out of ammunition
  • Never jams or misfires
  • Hits the target more than 90% of the time
  • One thrust will cut through arteries, muscles, bones and veins
  • Very easy to conceal

Autopsies of stab victims reveal that

  • A 3 to 4cm stab wound through the rib cage can result in death
  • The victim normally has multiple knife wounds
  • It is usually the last couple of knife strikes that cause death
  • Even short bladed knives can penetrate the abdomen by 8-10cm
  • 4cm stab wound can penetrate the heart
  • With knife strikes, force per unit area equates to TONS per square cm

From the above facts, you can see that the the odds are heavily stacked against you during a knife attack. Proper training to defend against a knife attack will increase your awareness and give you a physical and psychological edge to help you survive.

It has to be remembered that in most knife attacks, the victim does not know a knife is being used. When stabbed, the victim will often believe he has been punched of kicked.

Given all the above facts, if you are the victim of an attempted street mugging or robbery, it would be wise to assume that your attacker has a knife and defend yourself accordingly.

Sensei Ibush Kabashi runs knife self defence courses on a regular basis and has trained both the armed forces and police.

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