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Self Defence for Women

Self Defence Awareness Tips for Women

Never walk and text at the same time.

Walking and texting shows that you are not paying attention to your surroundings and makes you an easy target for an attacker

Consolidate your bags.

When you are walking about with your hands full of bags, you become an easy target for an attacker. If you have just done some serious retail therapy aka shopping, you'll probably be walking about with quite a few bags. Our advice is put all you items into the minimum number of bags possible. Ideally, a large reusable shoulder bag can be used which will completely free up your hands.

Never walk and talk on your mobile

Constantly talking to someone on your mobile while walking can make you feel safer. However, it makes you more vulnerable to attack as you cannot hear what is going on around you. Also, if you are in a poorly lit area, the brightness of the screen will certainly decrease the range of your night vision. If you spot a dodgy looking character, the best thing to do is to call a friend and say in a loud voice, 'I'll be there in 10 minutes' then put the phone away. If he starts moving closer to you, then run without hesitation.

Have your keys ready in your pocket when you approach your home.

Women are frequently attacked on their own door steps. As you approach you home have your keys ready in your pocket to immediately the door. Don't fish about on your door step looking for your keys

Learn how to use your voice.

It is a common scenario when under potential attack, to freeze up, with the mind going completely blank. In every day life we find it easy to shout at loved ones or the kids but when confronted by a threatening situation, we often go quiet. The trick is to learn how to use your voice, loudly and confidently when confronted by an assailant - it could make all the difference.

Should you hand over your wallet or purse?

If you refuse to hand over your purse, wallet or bags, you are definitely putting yourself at greater risk. It might be inconvenient to lose you credit cards etc, but if all you are facing is a street robbery, once the attacker has the goods he will run.

However, our advice is do not just hand your bag over nicely and politely. Make sure you throw it on the floor, pass the attacker. Then will then turn their back to pick it up, giving you a safe opportunity to escape.

Always be aware of your surroundings

More often than not, an attacker will target someone who is distracted in some way because they are an easy target. It is much harder to rob someone who is paying attention and fully aware of their surroundings - they are not an easy target.

Thanks to Raffa in Muswell Hill for this article

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