Self Defence for Doomen and Bouncers

Self Defence for Doormen and Security

Two videos showing some useful MMA joint manipulation, pain compliance and restraining techniques for use by doormen, bouncers, security and police.

Effective Restraining and Pain Compliance Techniques

Joint Manipulation Techniques for bouncers and doormen

For a bouncer, doorman or security personnel to be at their top of their game, it is essiential to have self defence skills that employ the principle of joint manipualtion ( as opposed to joint breaking) and none-violent pain compliance techniques.

By applying the correct shoulder, elbow, wrist or finger lock, it is possible to manoevour a troublesome customer through a door without using brute fforce. This will prevent injury to customers, avoid your employer being involved in potentially expensive litigation, and needless to say, keep you employed and in demand.

Another useul skill is knowing what to when bottles, knives and even guns are involved. Come and train with us and our instructor will teach you all these essiential skills and lots more.

We also run regular self defence and unarmed combat courses, including one for doormen.

Self Defence Course For Bouncers

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