Mixed Martial Arts Information

Gun Disarming Course

How to Disarm a Gunman

Sensei Ibush Kabashi demonstrates gun disarming techniques. The course lasts two hours and costs £30 per person

Gun Course

One to One Tuition

Tournament and Competition Training

If you are already training in ANY martial art and need some first class coaching, Sensei Ibush is your man - you will never be the same again!

One to One

Knife Defence Course

Defence against Knife Attack

A two hour course on practical knife defence. The course lasts two hours and costs £30 per person

Knife Course

MMA for Women

MMA Training for Ladies

If you are looking for an excellent workout, want to stay in shape and learn the worlds best system for self defence - you need us.

MMA & Women

Women's Self Defence

Self Defence Course for Women

A two hour course on self defence techniques for women. The course lasts two hours and cost £30 per person.

Women's Course

MMA for Self Defence

The Worlds Best Self Defence System

Sensei Ibush Kabashi's devastating MMA training and techniques are ideally suited to practical street self defence

Street Self Defence

MMA North London

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