Self-Defence and Awareness Tips for Women

Awareness is key at all times – if you are not paying attention and someone could easily come behind you and hurt you.

Consolidate your bags.

These days if you go to the shopping centre to buy two items, you still come out with eighteen bags.

Put all of your items into as few bags as possible to free up your hands. Even better, use one of those reusable shopping bags, so you can throw it over your shoulder and free up your hands completely (and it’s good for the environment!). If bad guys see your hands are filled with bags, you can become more of a target.

Never walk and talk on your cell phone

It may make you feel safer, but it actually makes you less safe and show a lack of awareness

If you’re on your cell phone, you can’t hear what’s going on around you, you lose the use of your hand and it makes it hard to see someone who may be coming on the side of you because your arm is blocking part of your vision.

It’s better to call someone briefly and say, “I’m leaving now and I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” so they know when to expect you instead of talking to them the whole way there.

Have your keys in your pocket when approaching your home

Don’t be that person fishing for your keys in your doorway – people are frequently targeted for attacks in doorways.

Use Your Voice

We can yell at the people we love about cleaning the dishes and about the remote control, but we freeze up around a stranger who’s potentially trying to harm us, so learn how to use your voice.

Gabrielle Rubin, the founder of Female Awareness, said. “Learn how to use your voice loudly. Tone and attitude make all the difference.

Hand over your purse if someone demands it.

It’s the worst thing you can do because you never want to be that close because someone can also grab you.

If someone yells, ‘Give me your bag!’ it’s much better to throw it past them, not really heave it, just throw it past them so they turn their back and go after that.

Most attacks come as a surprise–if you’re not paying attention, if you’re distracted or if you simply don’t see the bad guy. The attacker notices that you’re not paying attention and that makes you more of a target.

Awareness is key at all times.

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