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Corporate Self Defence

MMA For Businesses

Corporate Self Defence

Self Courses for Corporate Business

Show your staff that you really do care about their well-being and invite us into your workplace for some fun-packed, informative, entertaining and most of all, practical self-defence training.

We provide self-defence classes and courses for corporate business in London. All your staff will be interested in learning some awesome self-defence techniques and putting them into practice to defend themselves on those mean city streets.

Japanese Jiu-Jitsu for self defenceHow it works
  • Starts with a  quick 10-minute warm-up session with the instructor
  • A range of self-defence techniques is taught
  • The training is tailored to staff fitness levels and abilities
  • We keep the training safe, controlled and interesting!
  • The techniques are quick and easy to learn
  • The techniques require no strength or specialised skills
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • We cover the most common situations likely to happen

Our corporate self-defence modules will teach your staff to be ready for any possible dangerous situations they may face. Being better mentally prepared will help them to cope better with the aftermath that such conflicts may produce.

Awareness and mindfulness training is also taught enabling your staff to spot a potentially dangerous situation and to avoid it without being harmed


Corporate Rate – £300/hour

We can provide one, two or even 10+ hours of self-defence corporate training tailored to suit the needs of the individuals working for the business.

Our 10-hour group self-defence corporate training courses can happen over a time span of 5 to 10 weeks – entirely up to you.

The classes can be taught on your own business premises or a hired venue.

We are fully DBS checked and carry comprehensive liability insurance

What we teach

Your staff will learn self-defence techniques  against the  most commonplace attacks

  • Strangles and chokes from behind
  • Strangles and chokes from the front
  • Jacket/Shirt  Grabs
  • Bag/briefcase Grabs
  • Defence against hair grabs
  • Defences on the ground
  • Being grabbed by the wrist
  • Knife defence

These are just a few examples of what is taught

MMA Training Videos

Intro Training Video

You are never too old, too young, too overweight, or too unfit, out of condition, and too weak to start training with us. Come along, to our totally FREE, no commitment FREE LESSON. Find out for yourself if MMA training is for you.

Women’s Self Defence

You will learn some awesome your self defence skills and we will teach you what to do if you end up on the ground. Women in MMA do very well and we also run Women’s Self Defence Courses

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