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Schools – Self-Defence

Self Defence for Schools

Self Defence Classes for Schools

We run a range of self-defence options for schools, tailored according to the headteacher’s request.

Short courses dealing with specific aspects of self-defence issues in schools are offered, as are  longer, once a week, classes that give kids a good grounding in the principles of self-defence

These days it is essential that kids and teenagers know how to defend themselves against bullying and abuse by other students and or kids on the street.

Bullied ChildChildren need to be ready for any surprise the world may throw their way. Knife crime is everywhere and shows no signs of abating. Many teens are desperate to prove themselves or show off to their peers and as a result, run the risk of getting seriously hurt.

Increasing sexist behaviour towards girls in the playground is of real concern. Our self-defence training can help young women deal with these issues as well as making boys aware of the damage such behaviour can course.

Awareness and mindfulness of your surroundings is often the first step to avoiding physical confrontation and this is dealt with in our classes.

Our school self-defence classes will help children and teenagers become more aware of potentially dangerous situations and have the confidence to avoid becoming involved.

How it works
  • Quick 10-minute warm-up session with the instructor
  • A range of self-defence techniques is taught
  • The training is tailored to children’s fitness levels and abilities
  • We tailor the self-defence classes to the age of the children
  • The classes can be tailored our classes to girls or boys only.
  • We keep the training safe, controlled and interesting!
  • The techniques are quick and easy to learn
  • The techniques require no strength or specialised skills
  • Suitable for both girls and boys
  • We cover the most common situations likely to happen

Costs – £300/hour

We can provide one, two or even 10+ hours of self-defence schools training tailored to suit the needs of your pupils

We are fully DBS checked and carry comprehensive liability insurance


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