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MMA Instructors

Chief BJJ & MMA Instructor – Sensei Ibush

Sensei Ibush founded MMA North London over 20 years ago and in that time the club  has gone from strength to strength. He is a full-time martial arts instructor.

MMA Instructor

Brief Bio – Sensei Ibush
  • Trained in judo up to 20 years old,  achieving a black belt
  • Military training during the Balkans conflict
  • 20+ years at Total Self Defence as an instructor
  • 6th Dan Black Belt Award in 2023
  • Recently awarded the title of Professor by Soke McDade 10th Dan
  • Instructs at International Seminars with masters such as Soke Mancini 8th Dan
  • Received ‘Barnet Community Champion Award’ for his work with kids
  • Available for Private small group tuition and one to one training

Under Sensei Ibush’s direction, the club now operates 3 times a week with an adult membership of 80+ students. Ibush also holds kids classes, with training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at a cost of only £5/week!!!

Private one to one tuition for those who want to progress faster or are preparing for competition. Small group private tuition is also available to industry sectors such as corporate business, schools and the NHS.

Big Chris – MMA Instructor

Big Chris has been training at since the very beginning (over 20 years ago)

He was made an instructor after 10 years and is an invaluable asset to the club.

MMA Instructor

He can be seen in the picture above, on the RHS, teaching at a seminar in Slovakia with Sensei Ibush.

He teaches with patience and good humour and is always in demand during the class.

Skinny Ray – MMA Instructor

Ray was a prolific amateur boxer both as a juvenile and as an adult, having started boxing in his native Syria, at the age of 12 years.

He has been training at the club for 8 years and has proved to be an inspiring and creative coach

MMA Instructor

With two decades of experience, he has developed into an amazing coach teaching a technical, fast-paced class that will not only teach you how to box but will get you in amazing shape too.