Non Contact Boxing Coach

Sensei Ibush recently completed a course as a non-contact boxing instructor run by the GB National Boxing Awards

Good timing as the Covid Pandemic was just about to make itself known forcing everyone to socially distance.

What is the GB National Boxing Award?

GB Boxing Awards provides boxing school lessons and courses to help mentors, coaches, youth workers, teachers and professionals learn how to properly coach boxing for students of all ages with lesson plans and coaching guides.  

Endorsed by The British Boxing Association

The GB National Boxing Awards scheme is proudly supported by The British Boxing Association.

The aim of the scheme is to promote fitness, well being and a healthy lifestyle while developing their boxing skills and learning.

People who participate in the scheme can use it to gain points or credits for the Prince’s Trust & Duke of Edinburgh’s Award as well as ASDAN, BTEC, AQA, PE and GCSEs. It is a great way to help students to get the best out of boxing and additionally, encouraging a sense of achievement by awarding them with medals and certificates for their participation.

The GB National Boxing Awards primary goal is to provide positive boxing training enforcement to men and women of all ages and abilities.

This form of boxing training has enormous benefits including

  • Increased Fitness
  • Promotes a helathy lifestyle
  • Control over weight
  • Self defence awareness
  • Increase in confidence and self esteem
  • first step for competing as a boxer

Simply put, these awards are a fantastic way of introducing champions of the future into the sport of boxing.

One of the goals is to insert this form of training into Schools, Colleges, Universities, Youth Clubs, and Boxing Clubs throughout the UK – this has already started with spectacular success.

Wherever the GB Boxing Award is introduced, the sport of boxing is elevated to a higher standard.

Promoting Standards of Teaching through the UK

One of the aims of the awards is to promote the standards of teaching.

This is done by encouraging boxing coaches to adhere to a standardised training regime that promotes health and fitness but at the same time, provides a safe learning environment.

Boxing coaches are taught a dazzling array of techniques to safely teach kids enabling them to introduce the awards scheme into primary and secondary schools.

The GB Boxing Awards scheme will definitely raise the profile of the sport of boxing, increasing both the quality of the teaching and the number who wish to get involved in the sport.

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