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The Rainbow Centre
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MMA for Kids

Kids train for ONLY £5/week

Kids Mon/Wed/Fri

£5.00 per Week!!!!
1 hour long
6.30 to 7.30pm
Kids 7 to 15 years
Rainbow Centre Barnet
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Kids 7 to 15 years
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Kids FAQs

The Rainbow Centre Dollis Valley Drive Barnet EN5 2UN
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6.30 to 7.70pm. Train all three classes for just £5.00/week

Train Mon/Wed/Fri for just £5.00/week!!

+What to wear?
Loose, lightweight clothing is ideal. A T-shirt and shorts down to the knee or tracksuit bottoms are good. There is no special clothing requirement for our MMA classes. If you decide to come on a regular basis, we provide affordable ‘Kabahi’ branded clothing that you can purchase.

All jewellery must be removed (or taped over) and long hair should be tied back

+Not fit?
We take kids at all fitness levels – from couch potatoes to superheroes:)

Regular training will improve both their physical and mental fitness along with endurance and flexibility.  The aerobic capacity and strength will also be improved.

+Cost - Only £5/week
Train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for just £5.00/week
+The benefits?
Training regularly in MMA will improve your child’s fitness, coordination, flexibility and balance as well as your capacity to deal with aggression.

It is also very good for developing the kind of self-awareness and mental toughness that can lead to an increase in self-confidence.

+Will my child get hurt?
We strive to provide a safe training environment for all our kids.

However, it is a contact sport and inevitably injuries and accidents do happen from time to time. These normally take the form of slight sprains and minor bruising.

+Can girls train as well?
If we’ve learned anything in our years of teaching, it is that girls are just as tough as boys. Many are even tougher!  They are very welcome to join our MMA club.
+How to get to The Rainbow Centre by Bus?
The 307, 326 and 34 buses all stop close to the rainbow centre
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