Awarded The Title of Professor, Master Instructor

Sensei Ibush was recently honoured by Kyoshi Steve Mcdade (8th Dan Jiu-Jitsu) with the honorary title of Professor on passing his 6th Dan

A very well-deserved award that reflects a lifetime of dedication to the fighting arts.

Professor Ibush is a very well respected, experienced instructor responsible for training many, many adults and kids to the level of 1st dan and beyond.

The award also recognises the fact Sensei Ibush strives to raise the profile of Jiu-Jitsu in the UK by having his students take part in national TV campaigns such as This Girl Can. He is also frequently invited to take part in international martial arts tournaments, which is a real testament to his MMA skills.

He now offers Private Tuition to those students who want to fast-track their learning or those who want to go on and compete in tournaments.

What is a Shihan?

Shihan is an honorary award and means that the recipient is now recognised as an expert teacher, master practitioner, and senior martial arts instructor.

 The word is derived from two Japanese characters – one is shi (師) which means example or model and han (範) which means top-level practitioner or master.

A Shihan has a complete and full understanding of all the techniques in a syllabus and can fluently apply that knowledge and innovative use of what has been learned

What does Renshi mean?

Martial Arts Instructors, usually beyond the age of 50, can be awarded the title of Renshi.

The title means polished instructor and must be awarded by a more senior instructor.

What does Kyoshi mean?

The next step, usually awarded at 60 years or more, is the title of Kyoshi.

This means that you are a “teacher of teachers”.

What does Hanshi mean?

The next award after Kyoshi, usually given at 70+ years, is the title of Hanshi.

This means that you are the chief instructor of your club

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