Disarming a Gun Man

How to disarm a gun man

Attempting to take a gun off someone is not really to be recommended. However, the circumstances in which you find yourself may give you no choice but to try.

Our instructor has coached both the police and the armed forces as well as private security forces and now teaches gun disarming techniques as part of standard MMA training.

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Disarming a Criminal armed with a pistol

Imagine the worst is happening and someone is pointing their gun at you. 

There are many ways to disarm a criminal, but all of them are very risky. 

First and foremost, assess the situation to see if you cannot escape from this abuser otherwise. You can also take professional self-defense training.

1. Know that your life is at stake.

 In this kind of situation, your main goal is to stay alive. If you defend yourself, you are more likely to get killed.

  • If you have not received any military or police training or if you do not have mastered any martial art that allows you to disarm an opponent, the safest option in the face of a firearm is to do whatever you are asked to do. except to enter a vehicle with your attacker. Your life is on the line, this is not a movie, and in most cases your attacker has more experience than you in this kind of situation.
  • Overconfidence is the number one mistake potential victims often make in cases like this. Too much self-confidence can be fatal. Defending yourself is the second most common mistake. However, there are times when you need to do all you can to stay alive. For example, this is the case when you find yourself in a terrorist attack where it is clear that the objective of the attacker is quite simply to kill as many people as possible.

2. Grab your attacker’s wrist.

 If you are determined to disarm your attacker because they might otherwise shoot you, point their weapon in a different direction. This technique is very dangerous. Do nothing if you are not trained enough unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • Make sure the weapon is not pointed towards you when you pick it up and turn it in another direction.
  • Use the energy created to twist your attacker’s cocked arm while pivoting to your right to finally turn your back to where it was originally. At this point, drop him with a pivot motion without releasing his hand that is holding the weapon.
  • Keep your hands on your attacker’s arm and pick up the weapon. You can also sit on him and support his arm with your leg.

3. Take the weapon in his hand.

Spin the gun to break the criminal’s finger. His finger is at this time in the trigger guard.

  • Rotate the weapon to the right. All of these maneuvers are dangerous if the criminal is stronger than you. A shot can also go off and hit other people in the area.
  • Take the weapon from the injured hand of the criminal. Use your right hand to immobilize her hand and your left hand to rotate her wrist, grab the weapon, and throw it to the ground. Its very important. If you don’t immobilize his wrist before picking up the weapon, he can still use it.

4. Know how to disarm an attacker behind you.

Turn around and take a step back towards him, passing under his arm. Take the weapon in his hand.

  • Perform one of these 2 steps: either you spin the weapon in your attacker’s hand to break his finger, or you simply grab his weapon. Place your left hand on the side of his weapon while moving to his right 
  • Before you do anything, raise your hands as if you were surrendering and tell him not to shoot. After placing your left hand on the side of his weapon, turn counterclockwise by placing one foot between his 2 legs. At the same time, turn the weapon in its direction.
  • Your wrist should immobilize your attacker’s right hand. Aim the weapon at his throat while throwing him to the ground. With each of these movements, you must reposition the weapon before rotating it in his hand.

5. Grab the weapon.

Grab the weapon so that your attacker cannot redirect it towards you. Everything will happen very quickly and he will try to regain control.

  • Launch forward. Push the weapon in and down to prevent your attacker from using it. Lean on your feet to help yourself, no matter how your attacker reacts.
  • Use your hip muscles and your body weight to grab your opponent’s wrist and knock them down. In a gesture, press with all your strength on his wrist while keeping the weapon under control. You can kick him in the head, abdomen, or groin to let go.
  • You can also go over his shoulder and squeeze the pistol grip. Position your right hand with your thumb pointing down to grab it. Pull the weapon sharply towards you to weaken your assailant’s grip. Snatch his gun from his hand.

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