Triangle Choke and Transitions

Transitioniong from triangle choke to armbar and back again.

A video master class showing 5th Dan Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Ibush Kabashi, demonstrating how to apply the leg triangle choke and then transitioning into armbars and leg locks.

Leg Triangle MMA Master Class Video

Applying a Triangle Choke from Open Guard

The secret to setting up a leg triangle choke is to grab one of your opponent’s arms and deflect it past your head, while, at the same time, keeping hold of the arm.

Start positioning yourself.  Use your legs to push your body forward on the ground and pivot your hips forward.

Place your leg around your opponent’s neck. This will trap his arm against his chest in the process. Bring your other leg up and over your ankle forming the triangle and apply as much pressure as possible.

You can use one of your hands to pull down on your own foot. This will apply even more pressure forcing your opponent to tap or pass out.

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